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There was a positive response from package mantainers for this issue :)


>> is the module mature and stable?
I am using this module in my own projects for a while and it satisfies my own requirements. However, I think if we want to propose it as a PEP, we should plan for a 1.0.0 release with some improvements on the API and documentation and tests.

>> does it have an FOSS licence compatible with Python, and if not, are the authors willing to re-licence it?
I am willing to re-licence it.

>> are the authors willing to donate the module to Python?

>> are the authors happy to change their release schedule to match Python?

>> are they happy to adhere to Python's policy on backwards compatibility and new functionality?

>> are you (or the authors) willing to write a PEP proposing to add this module to the standard library?
Yes, with your contribution.

>> can you find a Core Developer willing to sponsor this PEP? (You can probably ask on the Python-Dev or Python-Ideas mailing lists, or the Python Discuss, or face-to-face in person at a sprint, etc.)
We may try.

I will request support for this project in Python-Dev and Pytgon-Ideas during this week by sending an e-mail.

Thank you also Steven for your bullet points to complete!

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