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Before proposing a third party module for inclusion in the standard library, you should check:

- is the module mature and stable?

- does it have an FOSS licence compatible with Python, and if not, are the authors willing to re-licence it?

- are the authors willing to donate the module to Python?

- are the authors happy to change their release schedule to match Python?

- are they happy to adhere to Python's policy on backwards compatibility and new functionality?

- are you (or the authors) willing to write a PEP proposing to add this module to the standard library?

- can you find a Core Developer willing to sponsor this PEP? (You can probably ask on the Python-Dev or Python-Ideas mailing lists, or the Python Discuss, or face-to-face in person at a sprint, etc.)

Only after you have done all those things, and got Yes answers to them all, should you propose adding the module. (A single No means there is no chance.)
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