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Author aeros
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Date 2019-09-05.10:56:34
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It looks like the Azure macOS tests timed out again in the recently opened PR-15688. Specifically, for test_multiprocessing_spawn and test_functools (both of which also timed out in PR-15651, which Victor mentioned earlier):

0:26:41 load avg: 2.89 [418/419/1] test_multiprocessing_spawn crashed (Exit code 1) -- running: test_functools (14 min 38 sec)
Timeout (0:20:00)!

0:32:03 load avg: 3.17 [419/419/2] test_functools crashed (Exit code 1)
Timeout (0:20:00)!

Build logs:

As far as I can tell, PR-15688 should have had no direct influence on test_multiprocessing_spawn or test_functools.

> Maybe macOS on Azure is running slower and we should just increase the timeout?

> Yeah, I agree that increasing the timeout shouldn't be the answer here. 

Since this seems to be affecting multiple PRs, would it be appropriate to attempt to increase the timeout duration as a temporary fix and open an issue for further investigation on the cause of the intermittent slowdown on those tests?
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