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Date 2019-09-05.04:13:48
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Thanks for the patch.  More IDLE patches would be welcome should you want to attack something else.

Possible browser scrolling refinements:

1. Scroll by an integral number of labels.  This is easy with text.  For our synthesized tree, we would have to calculate the # of canvas pixels to scroll.  However, if we switch to ttk.Treeview (#31552), it, like Text has a height in lines.  So its yview method might scroll in line units, like text.

2. Only bind wheel event(s) used on system?  Should test on 3 systems. Do all *nix other than  tk for macOS use X-window buttons?  Not a big deal.

3. Use bindtags to bind wheel events just once. Then unbind when shutdown?  (Check if unbind elsewhere.)
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