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When building a default 64-bit-only Python on current MacOS systems, don't use the --enable-universalsdk (and --with-universal-arch) options to ./configure since system header files are no longer installed in /usr/include.

Be aware that you may have to supply some third-party libraries which are no longer or have never been shipped by Apple with macOS, most notably OpenSSL libraries and libzma.  The Python Developer's Guide gives some help on how to use versions of these libraries from third-party disrbutors Homebrew or MacPorts.

Also suggest you first try building and installing without using --enable-optimizations as that option greatly lengthens and complicates the build process.

And you probably want to change --with-framework-name to python37 if you continue to use it.

The Python build information for current macOS systems is somewhat out-of-date; it should be getting updated in the next few weeks.
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