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Author christian.heimes
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Date 2019-09-02.16:10:40
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The biggest CFFI based dependency of FreeIPA is cryptography, but cryptography does not use weakref in its sources. CFFI on the other hand has a WeakValueDictionary object attached to its internal typecache backend, . Perhaps that is the culprit?

I checked the CTypeDescrObject from the stacktrace. Three out of three times it's for "unsigned long(*)(void *)". I wasn't able to get any useful information from the other fields yet.

(gdb) up 7
#7  0x00007fffe905babc in ctypedescr_dealloc (ct=0x7fffe6d958b0) at c/_cffi_backend.c:401
401             PyObject_ClearWeakRefs((PyObject *) ct);
(gdb) p (char*)ct.ct_name
$1 = 0x7fffe6d95908 "unsigned long(*)(void *)"
(gdb) p ct
$2 = (CTypeDescrObject *) 0x7fffe6d958b0
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