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Thanks for the insight Terry.

I think the functions that accept ints as bools are kind of a red herring: Booleans were only formally introduced in Python 2.3 [1], thus any functions that existed before that accepted ints and continued to accept ints for backwards compatibility [2]. When transition to argument clinic, these functions use "bool(accept={int})" which restricts the inputs to either bools or ints [3]. 

print, int.to_bytes and int.from_bytes all use argument clinic's bool converter which accepts any truth-y objects. This is similar to PyArg_ParseTuple's 'p' parameter which also accepts any truthy objects as well as say the print function which manually does a PyObject_IsTrue [4].


[2] list.sort (sorted) existed since the start of Python:

splitlines exists in Python 2.0:


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