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Date 2019-08-30.00:06:49
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I've just noticed this but a couple of months ago I managed to compile Python 2.7 on win32 ARM64 including the said ssl, tk, ctypes modules.
You can download from here and test -!PclhDIRB!-yhBZ6UM7S596ijNU3dx0A
You will need to install the MSVC 2015 runtime first and if you want ssl to work then also download the OpenSSL package from the same link.

For ctypes I used the (then most) latest version of libffi. There's an msvc_build directory in the master branch which allows ARM64 builds. With the library working the ctypes module builds just fine (BTW from looking at the libffi code it seems that the code is a straightforward port from the Linux ARM64 code, which is generally fine since Windows on ARM seems to use the standard ARMv8 ABI but who knows what end cases may occur).

For SSL, I managed to compile OpenSSL with a lot of headache. Also as noted I had to give-up on ASM optimizations so the ssl module may not be as fast as the native i686, however it will probably still be way faster than x86 emulation mode.

For TCL/TK I compiled the TCL/TK libraries from source as well. There's an issue with compiling that on MSVC 2015 because apparently the source uses some names which are now reserved keywords on the newer compiler so some search & replace is needed but once the module is built the Python modules compile just fine.

Overall this is a pretty much complete Python 2.7 package as it has all modules usually shipped built-in compiled and seemingly working (as far as I tested). The whole thing took several days but if you want to port it to Python 3.8 it shouldn't be too difficult and I'll gladly share my (very slightly) modified sources with you if you wish.
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