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FYI in the past, Fedora and RHEL packages skipped multiple tests using downstream patches. Hopefully, we managed to reenable almost all tests.

Currently in Fedora, the python3 package use regrtest -x to skip some tests:

  # Run the upstream test suite
  # test_gdb skipped on s390x:
  # test_gdb skipped everywhere:
  # test_distutils
  #   distutils.tests.test_bdist_rpm tests fail when bootstraping the Python
  #   package: rpmbuild requires /usr/bin/pythonX.Y to be installed
  LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ConfDir $ConfDir/python -m test.regrtest \
    -wW --slowest -j0 \
    %if %{with bootstrap}
    -x test_distutils \
    -x test_gdb \
    %ifarch %{mips64}
    -x test_ctypes \

We could only skip some test methods, but it's simpler for us to skip a whole test file.
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