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Author Greg Price
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Date 2019-08-27.05:40:03
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> I have a minimal fix which takes care of all the files above. I'll post that shortly, and I may also write up a more thorough fix that tries to make it easy not to fall into the same Git pitfall again.

Both now done.
* GH-15451 is that minimal fix.
* Just now I've posted , which is the more thorough fix. It's written on top of the minimal fix, but I could also squash them together as one PR.

Also just posted GH-15542 . This is a small edit, deleting some lines whose author evidently never intended them to get committed to the repo.  I'd noticed those lines before and been mildly puzzled; writing up the thorough fix caused me to look in the history and see how they were added, and resolve the mystery :).  I've kept that as a separate PR just to reduce the number of moving parts in the main one, because the reasoning for it is quite independent.
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