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The docs stipulates:

  The UUID version number (1 through 5, meaningful only when the variant is RFC_4122).

But you can absolutely do:

>>> uuid.UUID("25cdb2ef-3764-bb01-9b17-433defc74464")

which yields:
>>> uuid.UUID("25cdb2ef-3764-bb01-9b17-433defc74464").variant
'specified in RFC 4122'
>>> uuid.UUID("25cdb2ef-3764-bb01-9b17-433defc74464").version

Since versions above 5 are not defined in the RFC 4122, is it relevant to allow such UUIDs to exist? 

Every other tool on the internet seem  to reject them (but I guess they are regex based). At the very least, maybe the docs should mention something about it, since I'm not sure anyone expects a UUID to be valid and have a version above 5?
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