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I'm doing an implementation of the NTS protocol for my customer Netnod:

NTS is draft RFC on its way to become a standard:

NTS requires the export_keying_material functionality as described in RFC5705.

Basically it's a part of the TLS standard, is used by 10 existing protocols with more on the way.  And I can't implement a NTS key establishment server or client without the function.  That's why I added the functionality and verified that it works both with the stable 3.7.4 release and with the master branch of the cpython repository.

I tested with 3.7.4 first on my machine because that's the release of Python that comes with Ubuntu and I wanted to have as few differences as as possible compared to the distribution version.  I then forward ported the patch to the master branch and verified that my NTS implementation still works with that branch.
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