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Author christian.heimes
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Date 2019-08-26.08:42:32
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BPO disabled fork in subinterpreters. The patch also disabled fork() in _posixsubprocess.fork_exec(). This broke the ability to spawn subprocesses in mod_wsgi daemons, which use subinterpreters. Any attempt to spawn (fork + exec) a subprocess fails with "RuntimeError: fork not supported for subinterpreters":

  File "/usr/lib64/python3.8/", line 829, in __init__
    self._execute_child(args, executable, preexec_fn, close_fds,
  File "/usr/lib64/python3.8/", line 1608, in _execute_child = _posixsubprocess.fork_exec(
RuntimeError: fork not supported for subinterpreters

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