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Date 2019-08-26.05:59:06
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> Something in the release build process is triggering this behavior (perhaps PGO).

The difference is explained in msg33731. When 3.7+ is built on macoS 10.11.x+ and earlier, clock_gettime is not available and the PEP 564 refactored code falls back to using getrusage as it did correctly prior to 3.7.  But there seems to be a bug in the 3.7 refactored fallback code that gives a result about twice as big as seen in the results of either the proposed test case in PR 12287 or, more simply, the test code in the StackOverflow issue cited above (  The pre-PEP 564 code in 3.6.x and earlier works correctly regardless on what version of macOS Python was built. 

Since this problem has apparently been around since 3.7.0 with the implementation of PEP 564, it should not act as a release blocker for 3.8.0.  But it *really* needs to be fixed.

Victor, could you please find some time to look at this?  Thanks!
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