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Date 2019-08-24.22:32:41
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> May I suggest directing your efforts towards fixing known bugs or implementing requested features.

Well, I would certainly be grateful for a review on my fix to #18236. ;-) There's also a small docs bug at GH-15301.

I do think there's significant value in making code easier to read and less tricky. If the project continues to be successful for a long time to come, then that means the code will be read many, many more times than it's written. But one particular spot where it seems our experiences interestingly differ is:

> They are a bit tedious to review and are eating up our time in the back and forth.

As a reviewer I generally find it much less work to review a change when it's intended to have no effect on the code's behavior. First, because it's easier to confirm no effect than to pin down what the effects are; then because the whole set of questions about whether the effects are desirable doesn't arise. As a result I often ask contributors (to Zulip, say) to split a change into a series of small pure refactors, followed by a very focused diff for the behavior change.

So that's certainly background to my sending as many PRs that don't change any behavior as PRs that do.

I actually have quite a number of draft changes built up over the last few weeks. I've held back on sending them all at once, partly because I've felt I have enough open PRs and I wanted to get a better sense of how reviews go. Perhaps I'll go pick out a couple more of them that are bugfixes, features, and docs to send next.

(You didn't mention docs just now, but given the care I see you take in adding to them and in revising What's New, I think we agree that work there is valuable.)
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