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Date 2019-08-24.17:12:47
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I just opened a PR implementing a fix very similar to your suggestions. I am using advisory locking using fcntl.flock.
And I am locking on file descriptors.
If you see my PR, in resource tracker I am opening a file "/dev/shm/<shm_name>", and trying to acquire exclusive lock on the same.
And it's working great on Linux.
Since, resource_tracker is spawned as a different process, I can't directly use file descriptors.

But macOS doesn't have any memory mapped files created by shm_open in /dev/shm. In fact, it doesn't store any reference to memory mapped files in the filesystem.

Therefore it get's difficult to get the file descriptor in resource tracker.
Also, is there a good way to pass file descriptors between processes.

Any ideas on the above issue will be much appreciated.
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