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Date 2019-08-22.07:32:29
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> * no forward movement for a year and half

For most of that year and a half my pull-request was sitting in Github <> awaiting review by two core devs, of which you Raymond, were one. I don't like to hassle people who contribute their free time to Python and assumed you or the other reviewer would get around to it good time. Mark Dickinson kindly reviewed the my changes shortly before the 3.8 window closed, but I didn't have capacity to follow up before it was too late. The changes Mark wanted were largely to do with in-code documentation rather than the the substance of the change.

Assuming it really is too late for 3.8, even if I made the changes Mark wanted immediately, I would like to see this change in 3.9.

> * opposition from multiple core devs

Guido approved the change in a pronouncement on python-dev. <>
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