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Date 2019-08-21.12:13:49
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The initial issue has been fixed in master by the commit 5b94f3578c662d5f1ee90c0e6b81481d9ec82d89:

commit 5b94f3578c662d5f1ee90c0e6b81481d9ec82d89
Author: Anthony Sottile <>
Date:   Mon Jul 29 06:59:13 2019 -0700

    Fix `SyntaxError` indicator printing too many spaces for multi-line strings (GH-14433)

Backport to 3.8: commit cf52bd0b9b1c1b7ecdd91e1ebebd15ae5c213a2c.

Thanks Anthony Sottile! I close the issue.


If there is a different issue in Python 3.7 and you consider that it must be fixed, please file a new issue. Python 3.5 and 3.6 don't accept bugfixes anymore:
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