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Date 2019-08-19.22:25:33
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Thanks for the code snippet, that helped me a lot (and since you went to the trouble of fixing other bugs, I guess I'll have to merge it into my PR now).

Any particular reason you did GetFileAttributesW(path) in the non-FILE_TYPE_DISK case when we have the hFile around?

I'm trying to get one more opinion from a colleague on setting S_IFLNK for all name surrogate reparse points vs. only symlinks by default (the Python/fileutils.c change, and implicitly the fixes to Lib/ I might try and get some broader opinions as well on whether "is_dir() is true, do you suspect it could be a junction" vs "is_link() is true, do you suspect it could be a junction", since that is what it really comes down to. (We need to make changes to shutil to match Explorer anyway - rmtree should not recurse, and copytree should.)

However, the minimal change is to leave S_IFLNK only for symlinks, so unless I get a strong case for treating all name surrogates as links, I'll revert to that.
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