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Date 2019-08-13.21:39:39
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> Until then, I think it makes sense for os.readlink() to handle the 
> prefix and _getfinalpathname() call, but leave nt.readlink() as
> returning the raw value.

os.readlink() shouldn't resolve the final path or realpath(). It should simply return the link substitute path, which starts with "\\\\?\\". I'm wary of trying to return it without the prefix. We would need a function that's shared with the proposed implementation of realpath() to determine whether the given path (not the final path) is safe to return as a normal DOS or UNC path.


BTW, I looked into how CreateFileW is supporting "\\??\\". It turns out at some point they changed RtlpDosPathNameToRelativeNtPathName to look for both "\\\\?\\" and "\\??\\" when determining whether to skip normalizing the path. I think that's a bad idea since the Windows API doesn't consistently support the NT prefix.

ReactOS is supposed to target NT 5.2 (Server 2003), and it doesn't allow the NT prefix here. Refer to its implementation of RtlpDosPathNameToRelativeNtPathName_Ustr [1]. It only looks for RtlpWin32NtRootSlash ("\\\\?\\"), not RtlpDosDevicesPrefix ("\\??\\"). So I suppose Windows changed this some time between Vista and Windows 10.

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