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Date 2019-08-13.18:48:18
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> What is the minimal Python version for developing CPython? The system Python 3 on current Ubuntu LTS (18.04) is 3.6, so I think it should not be larger.

Ah, I think my previous message had an ambiguous parse: the earliest that *uses* of the typing module appeared in the stdlib was 3.7. The typing module has been around longer than that.

I just checked and `python3.6 Tools/unicode/` works fine, both at master and with GH-15248.

I think it would be OK for doing development on CPython to require the latest minor version (i.e. 3.7) -- after all, if you're doing development, you're already building it, so you can always get a newer version than your system provides if needed.  But happily the question is moot here, so I guess the place to discuss that further would be a new thread.
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