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Author epicfaace
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Date 2019-08-12.23:09:39
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Oh, both the Travis links I sent actually ended up reproducing the bug.

I've made a PR that fixes with an even smaller test case:


It looks like this is caused because "aa" is thought to be an encoded word escape in -- thus, get_encoded_word fails, which ends up making get_unstructured go in an infinite loop.

My PR makes the parser parse "=?utf-8?q?somevalue?=aa" as "=?utf-8?q?somevalue?=aa". However, the existing test cases make sure it parses "=?utf-8?q?somevalue?=nowhitespace" as "somevaluenowhitespace". I'm not too familiar with RFC 2047, but why are "aa" and "nowhitespace" treated differently? Should they be?
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