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The documentation is not explicit about the behaviour if several files are read by the same ConfigParser: the data are not reset between two read().

I suggest to add such information in the documentation. There is a draft:

=== start ===
When a `ConfigParser` instance make several calls of `read_file()`, `read_string()` or `read_dict()` functions, the previous data will be overriden by the new ones. Otherwise, the previous data is kept. This behaviour is equivalent to a `read()` call with several files passed to `filenames` parameter`.

config = configparser.ConfigParser()
s = """
# dict(config["spam"]) == {'alpha': '1'}
# dict(config["spam"]) == {'alpha': '1'}
=== end ===

What do you think about it?
I can do a PR but I wonder where is the best location in the documentation to insert it.

At the end of the 'Quick start paragraph' ( Or perhaps a new paragraph after 'Fallback Values'? Other location?
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