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> In other words, it seems to me that getting in the way of 
> this broken end-user strategy is a *good* thing, since it
> warns of possible mistakes.

Here's an example from the current version of Bottle (0.12.17):

/Users/raymond/Dropbox/Public/sj205/notes2/ SyntaxWarning: invalid escape sequence \[
  _re_tok += '|([\[\{\(])'
/Users/raymond/Dropbox/Public/sj205/notes2/ SyntaxWarning: invalid escape sequence \]
  _re_tok += '|([\]\}\)])

These warnings would spew out during a recent Python course where we used 3.8b2.  It mae it difficult to teach building templates in an iterative style.  We had to abandon 3.8 and go back to 3.7 to proceed with the templating lesson.

IMO, spewing out these warnings for things users can't do anything about is a usability travesty.
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