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Date 2019-07-15.22:34:54
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Thanks for the feedback.  I agree that putting the tests in regrtest is better.  I've made the following changes:

- the --pgo option now uses the shorter list of tests by default

- I added --pgo-extended as a regrtest option that enables the old behavior of running most of the tests.  I considered being more fancy and having named sets of different tests (like the -u option) but I think just the two options (fast or slow) is good enough.  I used "pgo-extended" because I think "fast" or "slow" is confusing (i.e. build is slower but hopefully resulting binary is faster).

- You can still pass an explicit list of tests if you use the --pgo option.  That should avoid breaking builds like the Docker one.

- You can now configure the the PGO task using 'configure'.  I think that is cleaner than trying to modify the Makefile after the fact. e.g. 

   ./configure [...] --with-profile-task='-m test --pgo-extended'
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