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> Steve, there is a problem in both lines of this suggestion.

The only problem is that you ran from your own build. Once running from an installed layout (which you can now easily generate with `python.bat PC\layout --preset-default --copy <outdir>`), the comparison will be fine.

I think it's fair to assume that the new users we are concerned about are *not* building Python from source :)

Otherwise, there's still my suggestion of a command line option to specify the start directory - e.g. --start-in-home - that we can put into the shortcut so it only affects GUI launches and not command line launches. (Though this idea may not be possible with the Store package, as the shortcut is the same for both Start and command line.)

Besides those two options, I don't know of another way to make this work. So we either need to choose one of them, choose not to fix it, or wait for someone to come up with something new.
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