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Author Suzumizaki
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Date 2019-07-12.02:28:50
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`distutils.util.byte_compile` fails _indirect_ byte compiling when the
full-path of the .py file contains non-ASCII characters.

Because there is the project (cx_Freeze) which directly uses
`distutils.util.byte_compile`, the problem would happen while installing it
under the non-ASCII path.

Fortunately, it is easy to fix.
Ofcourse, the files included in external libraries should be named ASCII only,
but `distutils.util.byte_compile` makes and uses full path of them. I learned
many of libraries uses setuptools instead of distutils, but please consider
the following situations:

1) The case that venv creates the virtual environment under or with
   non-ASCII named folder.
2) And special cases of 1), on Windows, the name of end-users OFTEN be
   composed with non-ASCII characters, this means including theirs
   Documents, Desktop, or Downloads etc.

The more they are not professional,they make easily the situation above.
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