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In my experience, people overthink what needs to go into a CPython profiling run.  Sure, our default PROFILE_TASK is rather unfortunate because it takes a very long time by including runs of super slow tests that won't meaningfully contribute profile data (multiprocessing, subprocess, concurrent_futures, heavy I/O, etc).

But despite somewhat popular belief, it is not actually a problem that the suite exercises other sides of branches, because by and large just by executing Python code at all and exercising C extension module code, it still acts like most any Python program and spends most of the time on the common critical paths - regardless tests that trigger specific number of executions of other paths.  Those executions pale in comparison to the ordinary ones in anywhere critical.

I don't recommend making any claim about something "harming" the profile without reliable data to prove it.

Feel free to tune what test.regrtest --pgo enables or disables by default.  But try to do it in a scientific data based manner rather than guessing.  Decreasing the total wall time for a default --enable-optimizations build would be a good thing for everyone, provided the resulting interpreter remains "effectively similar" in speed.  If you somehow manage to find something that actually speeds up the resulting interpreter, amazing! is your friend for real world performance measurement.  Patience is key.  The builds and benchmark runs are slow.

One thing --enable-optimizations does _not_ do today is enable link time optimization by default.  Various toolchain+platform versions were having problems successfully generating a working interpreter with LTO enabled.  If you want a potential large speed up in the interpreter, figuring out how to get link time optimization on top of the existing PGO working reliably, detecting when toolchains+platform combos where it will be reliable, and enabling it by default on such systems is _likely_ the largest possible gain still to be had.
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