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Date 2019-07-05.21:07:01
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I hate this change :-(  The code generated for something like this today:

def f():
    if 0:
        x = 1
    elif 0:
        x = 2
    elif 1:
        x = 3
    elif 0:
        x = 4
        x = 5

is the same as for:

def f():
    x = 3

No tests or jumps at all.  That made the optimization an extremely efficient, and convenient, way to write code with the _possibility_ of using different algorithms by merely flipping a 0 and 1 or two in the source code, with no runtime costs at all (no cycles consumed, no bytecode bloat, no useless unreferenced co_consts members, ...).  Also a zero-runtime-cost way to effectively comment out code blocks (e.g., I've often put expensive debug checking under an "if 1:" block).
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