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getpass() reads from the console via msvcrt.getwch(). This is a raw console read, so Ctrl+V is read as the SYN (0x16) control character. Only the following keys are handled specially by getpass: 

* Ctrl+C - raise KeyboardInterrupt
* Ctrl+H (backspace) - delete the previous character
* Ctrl+J (linefeed) and Ctrl+M (return) - return

getpass() behaves pretty much the same in a Linux terminal emulator, except Ctrl+H isn't backspace. 

Recent versions of the console host in Windows 10 have an option to support pasting via Ctrl+Shift+V, regardless of the input mode. This is pretty common in Unix terminal emulators as well. You can change this setting in the Properties->Options dialog for a particular window or shortcut, or the default setting in the Defaults->Options dialog. In the "HKCU\Console" registry key, the DWORD value name is "InterceptCopyPaste".
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