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Date 2019-06-26.03:51:48
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I took a quick look at `` and ``. It seems that you should always use `doc.renameNode(attr, namespace, new_name)` for renaming an attribute (or an element).

When `doc.renameNode` is applied on an attribute node, it removes the attribute from the `ownerElement` and re-set it after renaming it.

For instance:

>>> import xml.dom.minidom
>>> from xml.dom import minidom
>>> doc = minidom.parseString("<a href=\"\">foo</a>")
>>> attr = doc.childNodes[0].attributes.item(0)
>>> doc.renameNode(attr, xml.dom.EMPTY_NAMESPACE, "bar")
<xml.dom.minidom.Attr object at 0x7fb27d7ddb00>
>>> doc.toxml()
'<?xml version="1.0" ?><a bar="">foo</a>'

I agree that this behavior should be documented somewhere.

Maybe there should be a note/warning in the `name` attribute description. It should says that resetting an attribute `name` won't change the document representation and that `doc.renameNode` should be used instead.

Another approach may be to update the `name` setter implementation to remove and then re-set the attribute in the `ownerElement`.

What do you think it's the best approach:

1. update the doc
2. update the `name` setter implementation

I'd be happy to help to fix this issue.
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