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Date 2019-06-21.17:14:07
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Thanks Petr for the wonderful summary.

Of the pros/cons that you mention (if I am understanding correctly), I think that the issue comes down to sdist consumers and regeneration.

1. If sdist consumers will need to regenerate an sdist?
2. How many sdist consumers will likely be impacted?
3. If impacted, how difficult would the regeneration be for a scientist who is moderately comfortable with compilation?
4. Is there any guidance or information that can be given to sdist consumers?

Do we have any good metrics/insights on Question 2 and 3?


While TypeObject size, updating a pinned version, and vectorcall optimization for prior versions are considerations, I believe that they are secondary:

- Typeobject size: Nice to have a smaller size but probably not a concern of the sdist consumer or general user.
- Update a pinned Cython version: General expectation is it should work with the environment which it was pinned within. There should not be an expectation that the pinned version will work if other parts of the environment change.
- vectorcall optimization extends to prior versions: While perhaps nice to have, it is likely more an added benefit instead of an implicit contract or expectation.
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