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Author methane
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Date 2019-06-20.16:03:34
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> Most of changes are in not performance sensitive code. I do not think there is a benefit of using new macro there.

Because I used just sed.

> If PyUnicode_FromString() is slow I prefer to optimize it instead of adding yet one esoteric private function for internal needs.

OK.  There are some code like `PyUnicode_FromString(name)`.  Optimizing PyUnicode_FromString will be more effective.  I created PR 14273.

> In case of dict.__repr__() we can get even more gain by using _Py_IDENTIFIER or more general API proposed by Victor.

Of course, I used it just for micro benchmarking.  Optimizing it is not a goal.  In case of PR 14273:

$ ./python -m pyperf timeit -s 'd={}' -- 'repr(d)'
Mean +- std dev: 138 ns +- 2 ns
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