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Date 2019-06-20.11:40:57
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_PyUnicode_FromASCII(s, len) is faster than PyUnicode_FromString(s) because PyUnicode_FromString() uses temporary _PyUnicodeWriter to support UTF-8.

But _PyUnicode_FromASCII("hello", strlen("hello"))` is not as easy as `PyUnicode_FromString("hello")`.

_PyUnicode_FROM_ASCII() is simple macro which wraps _PyUnicode_FromASCII which calls strlen() automatically:

/* Convenient wrapper for _PyUnicode_FromASCII */
#define _PyUnicode_FROM_ASCII(s) _PyUnicode_FromASCII((s), strlen(s))

I believe recent compilers optimize away calls of strlen().
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