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> Personally, I don't think that your "read of it" in #msg345990 is relevant to the discussion of the PR (I don't mean this in a bad way).

It's relevant to the *existence* of the PR, because when you follow through the rest of the thought process, there is no need for a PR at all, and so no need to discuss it.

There's no reason to assume that a PR is required just because an issue was opened.

If we'd broken actual functionality in CPython or Cython, then there'd be a bug to consider. But all we broke is a misuse of a reserved field, and if it were in a single project then we wouldn't have spent anywhere near this amount of time discussing it - it's *only* because Cython was putting it in all its generated code that there's any reason to even look at this, as it could have a disproportionate effect if we believe it's a fair assumption that Cython-generated code targeting 3.7 should also work on 3.8. I've stated my opinion on that, but a decision either requires consensus from those of us involved here (Victor and Stefan) or an appeal to a higher authority (steering council).
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