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Author vstinner
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Date 2019-06-18.08:31:25
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Using git bisect, I found which commit introduced the regression, bpo-27240:

commit a87ba60fe56ae2ebe80ab9ada6d280a6a1f3d552
Author: Miss Islington (bot) <>
Date:   Sun Dec 3 16:46:23 2017 -0800

    bpo-27240 Rewrite the email header folding algorithm. (GH-3488) (#4693)
    The original algorithm tried to delegate the folding to the tokens so
    that those tokens whose folding rules differed could specify the
    differences.  However, this resulted in a lot of duplicated code because
    most of the rules were the same.
    The new algorithm moves all folding logic into a set of functions
    external to the token classes, but puts the information about which
    tokens can be folded in which ways on the tokens...with the exception of
    mime-parameters, which are a special case (which was not even
    implemented in the old folder).
    This algorithm can still probably be improved and hopefully simplified
    Note that some of the test expectations are changed.  I believe the
    changes are toward more desirable and consistent behavior: in general
    when (re) folding a line the canonical version of the tokens is
    generated, rather than preserving errors or extra whitespace.
    (cherry picked from commit 85d5c18c9d83a1d54eecc4c2ad4dce63194107c6)

The first vulnerable release is Python 3.6.4: Python 3.6.3 and older are not affected by this vulnerability. So yes, I confirm that Python 2.7 and 3.5 are not vulnerable. By the way, a backport to 3.5 was requested but rejected :-)

I close the issue. Thanks Rad164 for the report and thanks Krzysztof Wojcik fo the fix!
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