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Date 2019-06-17.15:52:09
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> A look through `git log -p` looks like bpo-34646 is likely to be related.

New changeset e5024517811ee990b770fca0ba7058742d00e032 by Benjamin Peterson in branch 'master':
closes bpo-34646: Remove PyAPI_* macros from declarations. (GH-9218)

Extract of this change:

 #undef PyRun_String
-PyAPI_FUNC(PyObject *)
+PyObject *
 PyRun_String(const char *str, int s, PyObject *g, PyObject *l)
     return PyRun_StringFlags(str, s, g, l, NULL);

On Windows, this change removed dllexport from PyRun_String(). My PR 14142 adds it back, to pythonrun.h.
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