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Date 2019-06-17.07:48:56
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Attached PR 14142 fix bpo-34646 regression.

> It shouldn't break existing code because PyRun_String has a macro expansion to PyRun_StringFlags. ABI compatibility between major releases is not provided.

Many applications don't use Python header files, but access directly libpython. For example, py2app uses dlsym():

PyInstaller uses GetProcAddress() on Windows or dlsym() on other platforms:

That's why PyRun_String() is defined as an alias using a macro *and* as a function in pythonrun.c:

#undef PyRun_String
PyObject *
PyRun_String(const char *str, int s, PyObject *g, PyObject *l)
    return PyRun_StringFlags(str, s, g, l, NULL);
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