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Date 2019-06-11.01:31:36
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The #37177 patch touched and  I reproduced a premature stop if the full IDLE suite is run, but don't understand all of the results.

After fresh update and rebuild:
python -m test -ugui test_idle
3.9 runs fine, no noise
2.7 runs fine except for 2 '''can't invoke "event" command:...'''s

python -m test -R3:3 -ugui -m SearchDialogBaseTest test_idle
3.9 runs fine, no noise
2.7 runs fine, no noise (so from other tests)

python -m test -R3:3 -ugui test_idle
3.9 runs fine, but 18 instances of "can't invoke "event" command:..."
# ==> noise from other tests, only with -R
2.7 prints 2 "can'ts" and one "complete a round '.'.  After a pause, presumibly to run round 2, it exits to the Windows prompt.

Commenting out "'')" in close() solves the problem.  There is some interaction between running 2.7 (versus 3.x), tcl/tk 8.5.19 (versus 8.6), testing with -R, running other IDLE test files, and disabling 'transient' (back to default).  (Tal, this sort of thing is part of why I don't backport to 2.7.)

An alternate fix for me is a slight change in the test cleanup.  Preparing PRs.
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