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Addressing the other part of Chris's initial post: there's also no `--upgrade-pip` option on `venv` itself.

Instead, there's only an `--upgrade` option that is intended for *Python* version upgrades, and restructures the internal layout of the venv to switch the Python major version number.

Unless you're using a Linux distro Python that has been patched to inject the external pip installation with rewheel or dirtbike, getting a venv that uses the externally updated version of pip requires running `python3 - m venv --system-site-packages --without-pip ...`.

So my suggestion there would be to:

- rename "venv --upgrade" to "venv --set-interpreter" (keeping `--upgrade` as a legacy alias)
- default to running `ensurepip --upgrade` with its new behaviour
- add `--network-upgrade/--no-network-upgrade` options which get passed straight through to the updated ensurepip
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