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(Added packaging, Linux distro, and Windows and macOS installer folks to the cc list)

Chris and I were discussing this behaviour, and it turns out even I had forgotten how we had specified this feature in PEP 453: `ensurepip --upgrade` ensures that an older pip is brought up to date with the bundled version, but it does *not* check PyPI for the latest version the way that `python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip` does.

We both expected the ensurepip option to behave the same way as the pip option, since they share a name.

If I had the time machine keys, I'd use a more verbose name for the ensurepip flag (e.g. `--upgrade-to-match-bundle`) to help make it clearer that it does something different from the corresponding pip flag.

As it is though, for Python 3.9, I think we should change the behaviour of `--upgrade` to imply `python -m pip install --upgrade pip`, and then add a separate `--network-upgrade`/`--no-network-upgrade` option that allows folks to opt out of the PyPI part of the version check.

The make file would presumably be updated to pass the `--no-network-upgrade` flag, and I guess the macOS and Windows installers would as well (I'm not sure what the platform policies are around installers making random additional requests to external network services)
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