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Date 2019-06-08.18:48:05
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help(dict.pop) was correct in 3.7:

        D.pop(k[,d]) -> v

and incorrect for 3.8:

     pop(self, key, default=None, /)

This happened in:

We've long known that the Argument Clinic was not applicable to all functions and methods, including this one in particular.  The issue is that the one argument form does not set the default to None; rather, it triggers a KeyError when the key is missing.  In other words, there is an important and long-standing semantic difference between d.pop(k) and d.pop(k,None).

When reverting this change, please add a note about why the ArgumentClinic is not being applied to this function until its capabilities have been built-out to handle functions that have different behaviors depending on the number of arguments.

Also, we should review other recent applications of the ArgumentClinic to make sure they didn't make the same mistake.
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