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Date 2019-06-06.16:21:59
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This issue was brought up by Irv Kalb on the idle-dev mailing list.

I haven't been able to reproduce it exactly as he described, but I have managed to do so otherwise, and remember it happening on occasion on other computers.

This appears to happen because the dialog windows are not being made transient relative to the main window. I'll have a PR up with a fix in a bit.

Following is what Irv Kalb sent to the mailing list:

I teach Python classes using IDLE.  The search dialog is a real a problem for new students and me as the teacher.  My students and I often get into a scenario where the search dialog gets hidden behind a editing window.  When that happens, then you try to make edits in code and nothing happens.  This happens to very often.  I have learned to look for the hidden search dialog window, but my students get very flustered.

Simple steps to reproduce (I'm using Python 3.6.1 with IDLE):

	Open a new document.

	Enter any code (e.g., a = 1)

	Bring up the Search Dialog.

	If the Search Dialog is not over the rectangle of the editing window, move it anywhere over the editing window.
        (This step is specifically to reproduce the problem, but this happens very often as students move windows around.)

	Search for: a        

	Click: Find Next

	Click in the editing window (with the intention to make some change)


	Search Dialog is now hidden behind the editing window.  
        Keystrokes are now ignored in the editing window, even though the editing window appears to have focus.
	User has no idea about how to get out of this situation - unless they have seen it before and know that the Search Dialog is still active behind the current window.
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