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How about we go a slightly different route than suggested by jpic and instead of returning a None value, we return the entire rest of the string as the domain? That would take care of the security issue since it won't be a valid domain anymore.

     msg = email.message_from_string(
        'From: SomeAbhilashRaj <>',    

     (Address(display_name='SomeAbhilashRaj', username='abhilash', domain='>'),)
     (InvalidHeaderDefect('invalid address in address-list'), InvalidHeaderDefect("missing trailing '>' on angle-addr"),  InvalidHeaderDefect("unpected '@' in domain"), ObsoleteHeaderDefect("period in 'phrase'"))

This lets us do postel-style error recovery while working in RFC 2822 style grammar. 

I wrote this patch to achieve this:

@@ -1573,6 +1574,11 @@ def get_domain(value):
             token, value = get_atom(value[1:])
+    if value and value[0] == '@':
+        domain.defects.append(errors.InvalidHeaderDefect(
+            "unpected '@' in domain"))
+        token = get_unstructured(value)
+        domain.append(token)
     return domain, value

Does this makes sense?
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