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Date 2019-05-29.13:48:48
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On 25/05/2019 00:19, Erwan Le Pape wrote:
> Erwan Le Pape <> added the comment:
> Thanks for testing that. It's good that you used an actual address because that eliminates the possibility that AIX doesn't handle addresses it doesn't really know about.
> On the other hand, even when properly specified to a real scoped IPv6 address, `getaddrinfo` doesn't seem to get the necessary scope ID from the underlying C call which socket.getaddrinfo > _socket.getaddrinfo is pretty much mapped to.
> I'm looking at cpython/master for the socketmodule implementation:
> is `getaddrinfo`
> is `makesockaddr` which actually creates the 4-tuple returned as the last element of the `getaddrinfo` tuples.
> The fourth element (ie. the scope ID) is clearly `a->sin6_scope_id` which should contain the scope ID.
> At this stage, I don't know if this is a bug from the socketmodule which I doubt or if the AIX `getaddrinfo` simply just doesn't handle scoped IP addresses properly.

I also doubt a bug in the socketmodule - my assumption is that AIX may
be wrong - although I prefer different, i.e., has idiosyncrasies.

++ If we "accept" or "conclude" that AIX's getaddrinfo() routine is not
working as needed for this test - would "you" (Python-core) accept a
@SkipIf for this test - as is already done re: IPv6 re:

bpo-34490 Fix test_asyncio for AIX - do not call transport.get_extra_info('sockname')

++ Further, I have a start on "send/receive" stubs in C and am trying
out different ideas - learn as I go. "netstat" clearly shows, as does
ifconfig -a

root@x066:[/]ifconfig -a
        inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
        inet6 fe80::221:5eff:fea3:c746/64
         tcp_sendspace 131072 tcp_recvspace 65536 rfc1323 0
        inet6 fe80::f8d1:8cff:fe32:8305%2/64
        inet netmask 0xff000000 broadcast
        inet6 ::1%1/128
         tcp_sendspace 131072 tcp_recvspace 131072 rfc1323 1

Sadly, I have a lot to learn re: IPv6 - and I expect how "host-based
routing" is concerned*, so movement forward will be slow going.

* from years ago, I recall a discussion where one of the improvements in
IPv6 compared to IPv4 is that the "work" of routing would be shared by
all end-points, rather than focused in router(-hubs) whose performance
basically determine the performance limits of a connection (or connections).

> If you're still okay to proxy tests for AIX, I'll try and come up with either a simple C snippet to see what's in the returned structure or ctype the AIX `libc` `getaddrinfo`.
Repeating - always willing.
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