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This issue is a follow-up of:

* bpo-36829: Add sys.unraisablehook() to custom how "unraisable exceptions" are logged
* bpo-1230540: Add threading.excepthook() to handle uncaught exceptions raised by

Discussions around _thread.start_new_thead() exception:

Antoine Pitrou:
From the doc: Handle uncaught :func:```` exception.

What if some C extension wants to report uncaught exceptions in C-created threads? Does it have to create a dummy Thread object?

For example, how about threads created by _thread.start_new_thread?

Serhiy Storchaka:
"If we want to support low-level threads created by start_new_thread() we should call [threading.]excepthook() from t_bootstrap instead of Thread._bootstrap_inner. Otherwise implementing excepthook() as a Thread method would be more convenient."
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