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Tal, please go ahead after updating your repository.  I just merged PR 13576 after reverting the change from 72 to 114 that only works for me and adding Skip News. Include a blurb with your patch.  It only needs to include something like "Fix zoom height calculation so that it should work on all monitors, regardless of resolution, pixel density, and display setting."

Besides replacing the newheight calculation, the patch will need a a reduced conditional expression
  new_y = 22 if macosx.isAquaTk() else 0
unless we can get it also from the maximized window geometry.

"potential to be robust"> I hope so.  Your suggestion is part of my 'Conclusion 3 above, but I feared that it might not work at all on a withdrawn window, let alone give us numbers that work.  I was unaware of others trying it.  

Andre, yes, before merging, we should test on multiple (different) Windows systems, as well as other OSes.
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