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Date 2019-05-27.15:37:17
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I closed the following issues which are fixed by the implementation of the PEP 587:

* bpo-1195571
* bpo-11320
* bpo-13533
* bpo-14956
* bpo-19983
* bpo-29778
* bpo-30560
* bpo-31745
* bpo-33135
* bpo-34725
* bpo-36204

Copy of my message in bpo-19983: "This issue has been fixed by the PEP 587 in bpo-36763: when Py_Initialize() fails, it no longer calls abort() but only exit(1)."

I should maybe document this change somewhere.

In bpo-19983, I proposed a patch (init_error.patch) which changed the error message on initiallization error: "Python initialization error: %s\n" rather than "Fatal Python Error: xxx\n".

Maybe we can change that?


I close to leave bpo-22213 open.

bpo-32573 (missing sys.argv) is already fixed in the master branch, but I have been asked to also fix the issue in Python 3.7, so I wrote PR 13553.
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