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I did a quick check. 114 solves the problem of the Restore Height not
working, but the status bar is still hidden.  To me, the crucial part of
the problem was the restore height not working, so I'd be happy with this.

At 164, I can see parts of the status bar
[image: image.png]

At 180, there is a tiny gap

[image: image.png]

178 seems to be just touching.

[image: image.png]

With the vertical resolution of my screen being 2000 px, tiny gaps are
essentially invisible.  Because of this huge resolution, most display
elements (text, icons ... and the taskbar) are set up to be twice as big -
this is the 200% factor I was referring to. So, in pixel terms, the taskbar
on my computer is likely twice as high as yours.

Using a measuring tape, the physical size of my screen is 183 mm; the
taskbar is 8 mm high.

I can add these comments (and screenshots?) on the bug tracker if you'd

Thanks for finding the solution to this problem.


P.S. I *just* started using IDLE again as I want to use it as a basis for
my project.  The last time I had used IDLE was with Python 2.4 - I quickly
moved on to using other editors. There's been tremendous progress since and
I want to thank you for all your work.

On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 7:11 PM Terry J. Reedy <>

> Terry J. Reedy <> added the comment:
> The current patch fixed the hidden status bar on Windows.  I just had to
> increase the margin reserved for the taskbar from 76 to 114.  This will
> also work if the taskbar is moved to the top of the screen.  If the taskbar
> is moved to either side or if it is less high for previous versions of
> Windows, a visible margin is better than a hidden status bar.
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