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Restore Height restores to default, not previous size.  This is a bit surprising, but is documented.  "Toggles the window between normal size and maximum height. The initial size defaults to 40 lines by 80 chars unless changed on the General tab of the Configure IDLE dialog." AFAIK, this has always been the case.

The switch from 'normal size' to 'initial size' might make this a little less clear than sticking to 'normal'.  Also, only height, not width is relevant.  It could be noted that 'normal' != 'previous'.

This entry is above the code context entry in the doc, but the changed menu entry is below the code context menu entry (at my request, I believe).  Both were moved from the Window menu in #22703.  The doc entry needs to be moved down.

Side note: this is an example of where a popup menu hint would be helpful.

I will make a PR.
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